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When a sick or dead tree is threatening your property, it is time to call the professionals at our
tree service. We perform safe and secure tree removal services to help you get rid of your unwanted tree and improve the health of your lawn.

Trees require both love and care to help them
stay healthy. With our tree pruning and cabling
services, you will be able to provide your trees with the maintenance they need to keep them attractive and to avoid potential issues down the road.

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Certified Arborist
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Serving a 50-Mile Radius of Talbott

Who We Are

ArborExcel, LLC, is a tree service in East Tennessee, which provides you with all of the arbor culture services your yard requires. With more than 10 years of experience, our team of certified arborists and plant health care specialists provides you with the very best in customer service. 

You are sure to appreciate our high-quality service, honesty, and professionalism. Our customers are always able to request proof of insurance, references, testimonials, and all contact information from us so that they can rest assured we will follow through on every part of our contract.

Our Mission:

To exceed and excel in arboriculture.

Why Us:

We realize that there's a void in our market for honest, reliable, tree care professionals. We make it top priority with every job, to go above and beyond the clients expectations, and make sure that every need is met, and surpassed.
We are fully equipped, trained, licensed, and insured to handle any and all of your tree care needs. With an ISA Certified Arborist on staff to help you make decisions such as, what to plant, how to plant, when to prune, why to prune, and any other questions you may have regarding your woody plants.

The first step upon contacting ArborExcel, would be to send out an arborist for our free initial consultation/property evaluation, to determine what your tree care needs are. The arborist might make recommendations such as, thinning out the crown of a pin oak to promote vigor and vitality. We might find that a newly planted river birch has been planted too close to the house, and simply needs to be relocated. Or we might discover that a large maple tree has severe decay, and needs to be removed promptly. Or, we may not find anything in need of attention, and you can take pride in having a healthy landscape! Either way, its free, so give us a call!

Customer Testimonials:

McKinley Rogers is a man of his word. Did exactly what he said he would do. I would highly recommend McKinley and his crew. I was so impressed, I gave them a tip.
Johnny S, TN

This company can be trusted to do a good job for a fair price per what they quote. Very hard workers and went the extra mile.
Jack K, TN
They were very professional. They cut the trees, hauled the lumber off and cleaned everything up(for a very reasonable price), even gave advice on other things that needed to be done. I was very impressed by their skill and professionalism.
Diana T, TN


Contact our tree service in East Tennessee, at (855) 716-1687 for more information about how we can best assist you.