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Quality Tree Pruning & Cabling in East Tennessee

Whether you need tree pruning or cabling, the team at ArborExcel, LLC, in East Tennessee, is ready to help. Utilizing our more than 10 years of knowledge, the staff at our tree service is capable of helping you make the best decisions when it comes to caring for the trees on your property.

Tree Pruning

Don't let top-heavy trees kill your yard or threaten your home or business with branches. Use our tree pruning services to alleviate the problem. We specialize in crown reduction services, which helps you reduce the height and size of the tree so that your yard receives more sunshine and so your tree no longer poses a threat to your home. Additionally, our standard tree pruning services are perfect for cleaning up your trees and keeping them healthy. A regular service usually lasts between three and six hours.

Tree Cabling

When your tree has branches or predominate stems that are weakly attached, our tree cabling, bracing, and lightning protection systems are there to help. We can brace your tree so that the wind won't blow it back and forth, which can help you avoid damage to homes, barns, and other structures on your property during storms. The lighting protection is useful for trees close to homes or barns. Our cabling can also protect prize or valuable trees. 

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